Baldock and Letchworth Folk Club

Tune Collections - ABCs, GIFs, MIDIs etc; and ABC programs

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ABC is a simple way of producing and editing sheet music. The files are in text form and take up very little room, and there are thousands upon thousands of traditional tunes to be found on the Web in ABC.

It is easy to learn and write, and there are now a number of shareware score editors available, both specifically for ABC and supporting ABC format. You'll find links to lots of ABC collections in the music section, or click here.

Chris Walshaw's ABC homepage - excellent site which includes an explanation of ABC, examples, lists of software, ABC collections, links, etc

Henrik Norbeck - ABC software and thousands of ABC files

ABC2Win - Jim Vint's shareware ABC player. Edit and play ABC files and display them as sheet music.

ABC2MIDI - James Allwright's shareware program. Converts ABC to MIDI and vice versa

Melody Assistant - shareware score editor which accepts ABC files

Please let us know if you find any broken or outdated links.