Baldock and Letchworth Blues, Folk and Roots Club

Tune Collections - ABCs, GIFs, MIDIs etc

Here are some links we've found useful. Please update me if you find any which are broken, or want to add your site or another to the list. Please reciprocate by adding Baldock and Letchworth Blues, Folk and Roots Club to your links page.

Digital Tradition/Mudcat - database containing thousands of traditional songs. Includes an excellent forum for discussing traditional music

Yet Another Digital Tradition - DT mirror with GIF and ABC files

Jack Campin has a comprehensive selection of links; a useful site for 17th and 18th century music

John Chambers' ABC page - includes a web-wide ABC index and Tune Finder

Wild Dismay website - traditional tunes from the website of the band Wild Dismay - in GIF, MIDI, ABC format

Morris Tunes - another library of Morris Tunes in ABC

Nottingham Music Database - a resource for the NMD, in ABC and maintained by James Allwright

ABC Tunes from Cranford Publications - some collections of Cape Breton tunes, from the playing of such renowned fiddlers as Brenda Stubbert

Celtic Orbis- site for Irish and Scottish tunes

Dan Beimborn's collection of tunes in GIF and MIDI format

The Kitchen Musician website - with MIDIs and GIFs of tunes as well as links to instrument-related and other sites.

The Contemplator - lyrics and MIDIs for traditional tunes. Includes Barry Taylor's MIDI tunebook of Irish tunes

Traditional Music Library - A huge and very comprehensive list of traditional music resources.

My Song Book - tunes and lyrics on Henry Kochlin's site